Spencer and Camilla Kimball Family Organization (SCKF)

[original name as offered by Ed]

Spencer Woolley Kimball and Camilla Eying Family Association (SWKCEFA)

[proposed full name]

Kimball-Eyring Family Association (KEFA)

[proposed shortened name]


The family association shall be known as the Spencer Woolley Kimball and Camilla Eying Family Association (or, for short, the Kimball-Eyring Family Association; or for shorter, KEFA).

ARTICLE II – Objective

The objective of the family association shall be to strengthen the ties of kinship between members of the family, to maintain family unity through regular gatherings; and to celebrate the memory of the family of Camilla Eyring and Spencer Woolley Kimball. 

ARTICLE III – Membership

All descendants of Camilla Eyring and Spencer W. Kimball (“Kimball Eyring descendants”) and their husbands or wives are members of the Kimball Eyring Family Association.

ARTICLE IV – Meetings

The meetings of the family association consist of a Bi-annual Family Meeting, held every other year on the even years, on or around March 28 (Spencer W. Kimball’s birthday), and other meetings or reunions as may be convened by the association.

ARTICLE V – Officers

The elected officers of the family association shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and a Secretary. These officers shall constitute the Executive Committee. It is desirable that each of the four children’s families be represented on the Executive Committee. The duties of the Executive Committee are to represent the family association, to plan and convene the Bi-annual Family Meetings, to maintain a directory of up-to-date family contact information, and to organize other committees and assignments as necessary to advance the objectives of the family association.

ARTICLE VI – Elections

Elections are held every other year on the even years. In an election year, the Executive Committee shall extend a call to members for nomination of officers, who can be self-nominated. Six weeks after the call is extended, the Committee will distribute a slate of nominations, stating the date by which votes must be received (usually 10 days later). The term of office of the new Executive Committee will commence at the close of the Bi-Annual Family Meeting and will expire at the Bi-Annual Family Meeting two years later. When required, interim elections of officers will be appointed by the Executive Committee. If for any reason the Bi-Annual Family Meeting is not held, or an election does not take place, officers continue in their role until the next election.

ARTICLE VII – Committees

The Executive Committee may set up committees as needed, including but not limited to Social, Membership, Program, Publicity, Heirloom Management, and History/Legacy Committees.


All officers and members of committees, shall perform their duties and/or assignments without receiving any monetary remuneration. Association members are welcome to donate funds to offset expenses such as website hosting fees, party supplies etc., for which the Treasurer can provide receipts. To quote Ed Kimball: “(Perhaps we could sell other honorary memberships for a substantial fee, with ‘beautifully engraved certificate suitable for framing.’) At some point we might want to incorporate as a non-profit charitable corporation, so that travel and other out-of-pocket expenses in the interest of the organization would be tax-deductible, but that can wait.” (See Kimball, Ed, “Spencer and Camilla Kimball Family Newsletter”, No. 1, July 1978.)

ARTICLE IX – Amendments

The Executive Committee may propose alterations to this Constitution by describing the changes and calling for votes from the membership. If the changes are supported by two-thirds of the members whose votes are received, they will be deemed to have been approved.

As ratified ____ _, 2023.